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Thought of Flying

The performance "Winged" loosely based on Loie Fuller Danse Serpentine. Loie Fuller was a dancer and inventor, she was a pioneer of modern dance and light shows on stage. This way of dancing was taken further by Crystalle with a new "Vocabulary of Danse Serpentine".

Exceptionally aesthetically danced with a great class. The dance is accompanied by a reflection in the play of light from the wings. The art of Crystalle is to transform the emotions in the dance from her arms into the wings, the illusion of flying. It is like an exciting, libidinous marriage of Otto Lilienthal and Loie Fuller.

Crystalle - Aviation & Art - a great vocabulary of movements.

"Crystalle makes music visible."

Crystalle, she has all the grace and panache of a worldclass ballerina.

(San Francisco Chronicle)

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